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Women and Learning

The women’s ministry has been abuzz of late not only with the sounds of sewing machines as they work on craft projects, but also with learning new things in a number of areas. (Women’s craft production in progress. Especially exciting is to have our school girls come in and learn practical skills–girl at table is Marta, the girl who lost her leg, but not her life, to poisonous snake bite). Two weeks ago, we held an Education Workshop/Seminar for all at the mission who are involved in teaching basic literacy, including of … Read More

What would motivate you to ride more than 80 km on a Saturday?

“When we started to study, we had to ride 43km to Chemba every Saturday for class and then ride home again. This was very hard but we wanted to learn!” This statement by one of the three graduates in Capanga, Mozambique gives you just a hint of how important it is that we provided the opportunity for leaders who so badly want to learn. These leaders really have to learn so they can provide sound teaching and direction for their churches and communities!   This past week Pastor Ricardo (our … Read More

Hands that rock

“The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.” This popular line is found in a poem in honour of women, and I have thought of it so much the past few months as I’ve been engaged again in the women’s ministry here in Mozambique. As we’ve launched into our new program for 2015, we’ve been very busy learning new crafts which will help earn an income not only for the women involved, but for the literacy program as well.   Here, women sit on a … Read More

The Difference a Year can Make – Library Project Update

This past year it’s been exciting to watch the library going up and now just in time for the new school year…it’s almost complete! We look forward to using this facility this year! The main structure including plastering is finished. And just this past week the painting was completed by the Discover team from Prairie Bible Institute, who are here serving for 3 weeks. The library has never looked better! Now there’s only a few things outstanding: • Installing security windows • Furnishing the inside – the last big job! Tables, … Read More

Help is Needed!

Some of you may have heard of the terrible flooding that is happening right now in Central Mozambique. Two weeks ago we started to receive news of a worsening situation in Malawi and the Zambezi province of Mozambique. Then this last week one of our pastor/monitors in the Zambezi river valley area, Pastor Santuni, visited to share the difficult time many are facing in his area of Nyangoma. On Saturday, Andy (our Swiss pilot) and I flew with Pastor Ricardo and one of the visiting Bible school students from Canada … Read More